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Dairy, beverages and pharmaceuticals are essential products for today’s consumer. It is critical that these items are manufactured safely and efficiently. To accomplish this goal, Unison blends the latest technology with a customer-centered approach to provide your company the best products and support. 

Since its foundation in 2006, our company has grown from a small team to a leading manufacturer and supplier of process solutions. We manufacture and supply state-of the-art machinery and systems specialising in pasteurisers, homogenisers, separators, heat exchangers, pumps and valves. Unison is also revolutionising heat exchanger testing with our groundbreaking Heat Exchanger Integrity Self-Testing (HEIST™) system - the world’s first fully automatic system for testing heat exchangers. 


To provide innovative and effective process engineering solutions. Our focus is to elevate the business of our clients by delivering unrivalled innovation, efficiency and value. 


We aspire to be a leading international process engineering organisation renowned for our innovative systems and equipment.


This is where Unison Process Solutions comes in. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of process solutions, At Unison, we specialise in liquid processing. We manufacture and supply state-of the-art machinery and systems specialising in pasteurizers, homogenizers, separators, heat exchangers, pumps, and valves. We are also revolutionizing the way that heat exchangers are tested with our HEIST™ system, the world’s first integrated Heat Exchanger Integrity Self Testing system.

Whether you are a small or mid-sized company, a multinational corporation, a farmer or an artisan producer – we can help you improve your process.

One of our core products at Unison is our pasteurizers.

Why the focus on pasteurization? Over the past few years, consumers have enjoyed the benefits of improved food safety and longer shelf lives as a result of the increased emphasis on pasteurization. This means more and more producers are searching for a cost-effective solution. 

Having spoken with our clients to find out exactly what they need, our engineering and design team has developed Unison’s unique range of innovative compact and bespoke pasteurizers. A key strength of Unison’s pasteurizers is that they meet the needs of the small to medium-sized producers who traditionally had two choices: invest in larger equipment than required or settle for laborious and time-consuming batch pasteurizers.

User-friendly and fully automatic, Unison’s pasteurization systems are uniquely built and designed to accommodate artisan producers’ exact specifications. Catering for all liquids including Milk, Beer, and Juice, and processing 200 to 50,000 litres of liquid per hour – our continuous systems save time, energy and money. It's truly a win-win for producers. 

Studies on milk production have shown that batch and flash pasteurization results in the exact same quality milk, in fact, flash pasteurised milk tastes better. Our flash pasteurizers use one-tenth of the energy and are proven to be three times faster than batch pasteurisers in processing milk, enabling our clients to save thousands a year.


At Unison, we also specialise in non-destructive heat exchanger integrity and holding time testing. These solutions allow companies to test their key heat exchangers quickly and effectively, with cutting-edge technology that reduces the risk of product contamination and costly recalls.

Our patented HEIST™ and Pastest+™ systems are the most advanced integrity testing methods on the market. HEIST™, the world’s first integrated Heat Exchanger Integrity Self Testing System, means that you are now able to integrity test your Plate Heat Exchangers daily, 365 times a year, rather than the typical 2-4 times annually. By testing before starting production, HEIST™ greatly reduces the risk of contamination that can occur in between tests along with putting an end to the need to open-up the system on site.

Ultimately, our HEIST™ system empowers companies to manage their heat exchanger testing so they can reduce safety risks before diving into production. Unison’s solution translates to time and money saved, from completely eliminating the risk of expensive recalls and reducing costs on service repairs, to wasted production and labour.

Unison’s unique technology is revolutionising the way companies test their pasteurisers and plate heat exchangers by providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to everyday problems.


Adopting principles of continuous improvement, our solutions go through rigorous tests and enhancements, ensuring we can deliver the premium solutions on which our clients have come to rely. All of our products and services are rooted in superior engineering, exceptional design, quality craftsmanship and a custom approach focused on safety and efficiency.

We truly pride ourselves on our after-sales and customer care service, so please rest assured that you will receive immediate technical assistance to queries, with access to our 24/7 rapid response team. Whatever you may need, we have you covered. Simply consider Unison your partner in innovative processing.


Unison provides customised solutions that reduce costs, improve quality, minimise downtime and accelerate production for your business with precision, expertise, and innovation – allowing you to focus on what you do best: delivering world-class products to your customers safely and efficiently. 

How so? We stand by the superior quality of our products, exceeding client expectations as a result. Our engineers specialise in liquid processing and are committed to developing the highest performance solutions. Unison invests heavily in research and development which delivers innovative and world-class products that are revolutionising the processing industry. 

With that, whether you're an artisan producer, a farmer, a startup, a small to midsized company, or a large corporation, Unison can accommodate all your processing needs. Our main aim is to help you improve the productivity and safety of your process, offering you a competitive advantage to grow your business.  

How does that sound? Contact us at Unison Process Solutions to discuss your processing needs. 

Our Team

We provide the same dedication to each and every call. Whether the client is a small artisan producer or a major multinational corporation, we pride ourselves on our customer service.

Have a question on our pasteurisers or other process solutions?

How does that sound? Contact us at sales@unisonprocesssolutions.com to discuss your processing needs. 


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Whether our client is a small Artisan producer or a large multi-national corporation, we offer all of our clients the same level of top class customer service. 

Our aim is to offer our clients unrivalled service, quality, innovation and value.

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OUR Specialities

  • Development, manufacture and supply of a variety of equipment - including Continuous Flow (HTST) and Batch Pasteurisers, Homogenisers, Separators, Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Water Saver Units and much more. 
  • Integrity and Holding Time Testing - with HEIST and Pastest+, Unison's patented heat exchanger testing systems. Unison is revolutionising the way in which Plate Heat Exchangers are tested worldwide. Unison's HEIST system is a world first empowering companies to take control of their own testing, eliminating the need for service engineers and allowing testing to be done quickly and effectively.
  • Distributors - Unison are distributors for many leading brands including Evoguard Pumps and Valves, HST Krones Homogenisers and DF Italia Milk Vending Machines. 
  • Spare Parts Supply - We supply a wide range of top quality processing spare parts. We stock parts supporting Tetra Pak, APV/SPX, Alfa Laval, GEA Niro Saovi and HST equipment. Unison have also partnered with DSO Fluid Handling Europe to provide high quality, direct fit parts at substantial savings over OEM equivalents to Ireland and the UK. 
  • Turnkey Process Projects - Unison’s Process Engineering team specialise in the turnkey design, fabrication and installation of bespoke process systems for the Dairy, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Industries.