Plate Heat Exchanger Servicing 

Unison’s team of highly skilled service engineers carry out routine maintenance and emergency repairs of all makes and models of Heat Exchanger including Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Fischer, Sondex, Schmidt and many more.

We understand that PHEs are a large investment and it is essential to your process to make sure that they are performing at full capacity. Unison Plate Heat Exchanger servicing and refurbishment safeguards this performance ensuring that your heat exchangers are kept in optimal condition. Unison's 80 years experience with all types of Heat Exchangers ensures high-quality results. Our  service team have expert knowledge of the correct cleaning and refurbishment methods to make sure that your Plate Heat Exchangers are serviced correctly. 

During your PHE service our team will thoroughly examine your PHEs, making sure that any sealing problems or deformities are corrected. Our servicing centre is specifically designed to take worn plates, test their integrity and refurbish them ready to use again.  Unison only uses top of the range spares, and we ensure that we use the best quality gaskets and glues. 

Unison's Service team can dismantle the pack on location, perform the service and return to fit it when complete or alternatively plate packs can be delivered directly to our Limerick based service centre. 

Unison can also provide full on-site servicing which includes changing plate packs out, regasketing, Inspection and Reporting on PHE's. 

For any model or brand Regardless of where or when they were made, Unison is well a one stop shop for servicing, refurbishment and repair.

As the majority of spare parts are held at our facility in Limerick, we are able to offer a rapid breakdown service. Our services include De-Gasketing, Acid Cleaning, Crack Testing, Channel Deformation Checks, Re-gasketing and Pressure Testing.

Risks of attempting to service your PHE's yourself

Reconditioning with the wrong tools or parts can seriously damage your PHEs. Scraping and chemicals can harm the plates, and improper sealing can lead to leakage.  We would highly recommend that you use a service team that are experienced in Heat Exchanger Servicing. Attempting reconditioning yourself or using a less qualified supplier may save time and expense up front, but without the right experience, smaller defects can be missed which can lead to major problems in the future.

Some plate failures which can occur due to incorrect servicing or refurbishment include: Plates Being Destroyed, Leakage, Production Losses, Safety Risks, Damaged plates, gaskets being damaged or falling off.

The Risk isn't worth the potential damage, make sure you use a trusted, experienced supplier like Unison!


Benefits of Unison 

  • Maintenance and on-site repairs

  • 24/7/365 hour emergency coverage. Should a breakdown occur, we guarantee a response within 24 hours, including evenings and weekends, to get you back on track.

  • Full stock of spare parts.

  • Free equipment inspection, followed by a full report and quote for repair.

  • Service center repairs at our location in Limerick, Ireland.

  • Our highly-qualified engineers have over 80 years experience with all makes and models of process equipment.

Servicing Partners You Can Trust

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Integrity Testing of Plate Heat Exchangers

With HEIST and Pastest+, Unison's patented heat exchanger testing systems. Unison empowers companies to take control of their own testing, eliminating the need for service engineers and allowing testing to be done quickly and effectively.

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Unison Engineering Services Ltd. are sole distributors of Evoguard valves in Ireland, Evoguard Fluid Process Valves include hygienic shut-off, block and regulation valves. We also supply quality reconditioned valves from all the leading brands.

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We are sole distributors of Evoguard pumps in Ireland. We also supply quality reconditioned pumps from Alfa Laval, APV, GEA, Waukesha, Fristam, SPX, Packo and others.,

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Spare Parts

We supply a wide range of top quality processing spare parts which are delivered the same day or next. We stock parts supporting Tetra Pak, APV/SPX, Alfa Laval, GEA Niro Saovi and HST equipment.

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