Eco-friendly Water Saver Unit

Reduce your water consumption by up to 96% and save thousands of litres daily

HEIST Integrity testing

Until recently, the majority of processors viewed water as a free commodity. Many took it for granted in their processing systems, using vast quantities of water at will. However, this has begun to change. A rise in drought conditions and water pollution has forced the public to reevaluate their use of water - changing their perception of water as an unlimited resource.

As the costs associated with the consumption of water continue to rise, companies must incorporate water conservation methods into their processing methods.

The Dairy, Beer, Beverage, Food and Pharmaceutical industries are no exception. Food and Beverage in particular represents some of the largest users of process water — making it all the more vital for your company to have effective procedures in place in order to build and manage a water reduction program.

Unison’s plug-and-play water saver unit integrates with your system to reduce the your costs by recovering and recycling water that would otherwise be discarded. In addition, the system detects contaminated water, providing an early warning of any systematic problems.

Unison’s water saver provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution that drastically reduces your water use.


  • Recycles up to 96% of the water required by homogenizers and other applications
  • Saves money by avoiding water cost increases
  • The most cost effective way to reduce your water consumption
  • Significantly reduces operating costs
  • Early seal leakage warning Prevents product loss
  • May be used on more than one Homogeniser and/or application


  • Can be used on any brand of Homogenizer or equipment. Easy Integration with existing installations and retrofits
  • Built in leak detection
  • Touchscreen HMI Controlled PLC
  • Two Turbidity Sensors for Oil or Water Conductivity
  • Automatic Sensor  for Flushing and Washing
  • Automatic Detergent Dosing


  • Homgeniser Cooling
  • Separator/Cenrifuge
  • Vaccum Pumps
  • Pump Seal Lubrication
  • Many Other Applications


  • Dairy
  • Food
  • Brewery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Beverage
  • Industrial
  • Bio-Technology

General Information:

Dimensions: 600mm×650mm×1,200mm